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Posted by lotuships on 2006.04.21 at 19:22


Domenico Gracian
palejester at 2006-04-29 20:11 (UTC) (Link)

Reading Results

I have seen the origins of your problem in the House of the Holy Pentad, Chambers of Disks and Staves. I have seen the biological issues, enflamed (quite literally) by the convergance of hormonal forces that rose to drive you to sexual experience. I have also seen you enter the House of the Ennead, chamber of Disks, taking the right step towards a harmonious resolution to your problem.

This brings us to your current attempts. In the House of the Dyad, Chamber of Swords, you struggle with a decision, and even now you lie in the house of the Tetrad, Chamber of Swords, where you lie in wait, convalescing as it were. You will put your thoughts into action- whatever method you are considering using, you will; the decision is made, and it will work. It will take you into the Holy House of the Monad, Chamber of Staves, a powerful, luminous place, full of power and potential. Your next attempt to find what you need will be met with success, at least up front.

But the future is not all luminous. Beware- do not become carried away by success, because the Court of the Knight in the Castle of Disks is your next destination. He is the sword weilder, as all knights are; swords are air and wind, and he moves on his horse like the wind, but swords are conflict and trouble, and he is the Knight of Disks, the ruling suit of biology. And there's more. Aside from the troubles with some aspect of your health, (dealing with your sexual life) there may be a pregnancy. Whatever it is, it takes you into the House of the Ennead, Chamber of Swords, where there is much weeping and trouble. This seems like another "failure" in your quest, even after the success that is ahead.

Before it all sounds too bad, the final outcome is in the House of ARCANA XI, the Eleventh Mystery that is called "Strength". It is an ultimate victory for you- vitality, love of life, passion, and in that, I see that you must eventually find a way around your issue. This mystery is strongly sexual in nature, in ways, so again, my conclusion is justified.

There is a warning in the house of that Mystery- do not allow yourself to follow only your pleasures and desires so much that you trample on other people's values.


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