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mars volta.
Posted by selecting on 2006.04.27 at 01:18
Firstly can i just say that i think it's wonderful that you've made a community for free readings, i know that it's great for people like me (not old enough for a credit card) that want to be able to get their questions answered without a big hassle. well hopefully it's not. anyway, onto my question:

This past january, i came out of a serious long term relationship, my first relationship (bit of a late bloomer), and i'm not too familiar with the 'dating game' and being able to see different people without getting attached. recently i've met a guy who i'm very interested in, we've hooked up once but i'm not sure how to take it, if its a mutual feeling, or if this is apart of the 'dating game' and learning to see all different people at once. I'd like to know which it is, if it's going anywhere, and/or how my luck in love will pan out for the near future, i'm finding the single life a bit tough because i don't find myself to be the type of person to be able to live the single life to its full potential.

Thank you, your help is much appreciated.



Domenico Gracian
palejester at 2006-05-01 05:55 (UTC) (Link)


The central crux of your question is whether or not the gentleman you saw and "hooked up" with once will be a long term thing, or if it is just a part of a greater development.

Do you not feel an answer in your heart to this question already? The 'dating game' does indeed include (for most) quite a few lovers that "come and go". What's come of you and this gentleman since that night?

I think the answer is already well written in your own mind.

As for being single forever, don't worry about that. It isn't going to happen if you don't want it to.

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