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Welcome to Oracle Tarot Readings. My name is Domenico and I am an experienced Tarot reader and counselor, knowledgable on matters esoteric and the Sacred Science of Tarot. I made this community to offer free Tarot readings to people who really need help or advice, and to spare them from having to listen to the misinformed rambling of new-agers or other overzealous but inexperienced/immature dabblers in the Art of Tarot.

I studied the sacred science of Tarot for some years before achieving a level of proficiency enough to help others. Tarot is a sacred means of coming to understand the meaningful synchronicities that surround us in daily life, both in our inner lives and outer. It is a means of comprehending the Voice Divine, but don't misread this: it is in no manner a literal voice, but a state of Knowing that emerges from a heightened awareness of worldly and internal events. I do not speak for "God" or anyone's conception of "God"; I leave those matters where they belong, in the conscience of each person.

I make no assumptions about anyone's religious background; what you believe matters not at all- the Oracle of Tarot is not based on your beliefs or lack thereof. I share nothing of my own beliefs, except this: I believe there is a hidden order in things, and that the Sacred Sciences help us to find a meaning in life that goes beyond the flimsy political and moral relativism of the secular world, that we should treasure life and peace before all things, and seek understanding of ourselves and this world constantly.

I will do about three Tarot Readings a week, publically, here, once the community has enough members. I may post other articles or information that I feel is inspiring or helpful. If you have a quandary or issue you want the guidance of Tarot with, please join and post your question. Please remember that the Sacred Science of Tarot is not a cheap toy or a circus sideshow; it is not here to tell you if your boyfriend or girlfriend is cheating on you, or if you will break up soon.

Tarot is primarily intended to guide us through deeper situations, and to help us to understand ourselves better. Do not cheapen the Oracle by asking shallow questions. If you have a question about a relationship, that is fine, but please, remember that most of the time, we all know the answers to relationship questions already; we ask them because we want encouragement in what we already feel to be the case. Deep down, you know the status of your relationship to another. Be honest with yourself, and you won't need a Tarot Reading. I will decide if a question posted here needs to be answered or even remain up.

I hope that most of the questions here will be serious and involve essential issues in life. Tarot helps us to see and comprehend the chain of hidden forces acting on every situation we face. When you post your question, tell me all the details that you believe to be most important; refrain from asking "yes" or "no" questions. Instead, ask "What will be the likely outcome of this situation, if things remain constant?" or "what are the inner realities of this situation, things hidden from me?" or "Where am I in my spiritual path? What comes next?" or "Here is my situation; what should I do now?"

These sorts of questions provide the Oracle with a means to reveal more information to us. Let your questions be as open-ended as they can be, but tailor in the important details that you feel I need to know. Do not be dishonest, but you can change the names of parties involved in situations to protect their privacy, and your privacy.

I never read about the same question twice, for any reason. I also never modify or soften what I see, even if the reading indicates hard truths or negative realities; part of spiritual maturity is facing these things and working through them. I will typically need 1-3 days to prepare a reading properly, once I have the information needed.

I hope that this community can help people as much as the Sacred Science has helped me.

Blessed be the Giver
Cursed be the Thief
May Fortune smile
Upon the True
And liars come
To grief